21 Best Facebook Groups For Internet Marketing And Blog Traffic

21 Best Facebook Groups For Internet Marketing And Blog Traffic

21 Best Facebook Groups For Internet Marketing And Blog Traffic

Not only am I going to give you the 21 best Facebook groups for internet marketing, but I’m also going to show you how to get a ton of traffic for any type of niche. On top of that, you’re going to:

  • Get your FREE Facebook group scheduling tool
  • Learn how to do CORRECT Facebook marketing
  • Discover how to CREATE your very own Facebook Group

Before we get into all that, lets learn what is a Facebook Group and how to find them.

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What are Facebook Groups?

Best Facebook Groups

A Facebook group is a community of people on Facebook that discuss and share content about a particular niche. Some FB groups are closed, some are public and some are secret.

A closed FB group and your activity on it is only visible to the people in that group. Nothing you post on a private group will be seen by  your Facebook friends, unless they are in the same group.

A public group on the other hand, is  visible to your friends if you’re active on it.

A secret FB group can’t be found on Facebook’s search engine. The only way to get invited to a secret group is if an existing member invites you. Nothing you post in a secret group will ever show up on feed or timeline.

These groups are an excellent way to build a reputation around your niche. A lot of them allow you to post links to your content if it provides value to the group.

When marketing to Facebook groups, you should never just promote your content. Always help and provide real value to the members of your group, promotion should be a secondary goal.

How to find Facebook Groups?

Find Facebook groups is easy. Also, you can find FB groups for just about any niche. This is how it’s done:

First, type in your niche keyword into the Facebook search bar.

Second, select “Groups” and click on the ones you’re interested in. There are 4 things you want to look at:

  • Group Name: this is a quick way to see if it’s relevant to your niche.
  • Closed or Public: if you don’t want your friends or family to see your promotions then you’re going to stick with closed groups.
  • Number of Members: groups with lots of members is not necessarily a good thing. You want a group with engaged members, to find that out, you need to join.
  • Description: this is the most important thing you need to look at! This lets you know what the group is about, but more importantly, it lets you know what you can and can’t do in the group.

Third, click “Join”, some groups will grant you automatic access and some require a review process.

Like I said, you can find FB groups for just about any niche, from weight loss to dog care, it’s all there.

10 Ways To Succeed With Facebook Group Traffic

There is a subtle art to Facebook marketing, follow these 10 tips and tricks to get the traffic and reputation you want.

1 Read those group descriptions

It is crucial that you read and understand the rules and requirements needed for each and every group you join. The description also lets you know what the group is about and what it’s trying to achieve.

I find that each group has it’s own culture and subtext, the description will be your first glimpse of that.

2 Introduce yourself and the value you bring

After reading the description, you need to introduce yourself, what you do and how you’ll contribute to the group. Focus on the value you provide and explain the parts you’re having trouble with.

If the group allows it, drop a link to your ‘about page‘ so that the community can learn more about you.

3 Be a member of habit

Don’t just be a member, be a member of habit! That means, you should habitually go to the various groups you belong to, answer questions, if you have the answers. Ask questions if you have no answers to provide. Whatever it is, engage with the community on a daily basis.

Extra Tip: I created a link on my browser’s bookmark bar that opens up directly on the groups I belong to. Instead of starting with Facebook.com I first land on “https://www.facebook.com/groups/?category=groups” this way I can interact with some groups before I head to my timeline.

4 Bring the conversation to your promotion

This is a huge tip. On promotion days, when some one ‘likes’ or replies to your promo first thank them and ask them what type of content they create. Make sure you ‘mention’ them in the reply.

They will more than likely reply back. Keep the conversation going. This will increase your reply and ‘like’ count thus driving more traffic to your promo.

5 Share lead magnets wrapped in content

You’re not driving traffic to your niche blog just for the sake of it. You’re driving traffic to your site because you want them to subscribe and enter your email funnel. Make sure whatever you promote has at least three points of entry (optin forms) to your email list.

Extra Tip: To get people to subscribe to your email list, you’ll need an amazing lead magnet. Here is guide on how to come up with an irresistible lead magnet.

6 Keep on eye on notifications

Facebook is not very good at filtering the notifications you really care about. That being said, you need to keep on eye on replies,’likes’ and mentions. To do this, you should drop an emoji of some sort at the beginning of your important posts. This does two things:

  • It makes it easy to spot in your notifications.
  • It brings attention to your post.

Like I said, you need to keep an eye on your notifications so that you can reply back and get a conversation going. This does three important things:

  • Helps build relationships and networks
  • Brings attention to your name and content
  • Builds your reputation in the Facebook group

8 Get in on the conversation

Start talking right now! If you belong to a group then you need to be a common face in that community. Help people out or get questions answered by other members.

Extra Tip: Mention by name the people you’re talking to, this improves your reply rate and gets people mentioning you.

9 Understand your worth

When you enter a niche specific Facebook group, you should see yourself as a person of value. I’m assuming, you know a lot about the topic at hand, and you can help the members of that community in ways others can’t.

If you play by the rules within that group but for some reason you receive negative push back then leave. Remember, your time is your most precious commodity. It’s that group’s loss, not yours.

10 Encourage other forms of sharing

A Facebook group is just one lily pad in a pond filled with other social media networks. Promote other people’s content on other sites like Tailwind, Pinterest or Twitter. Let them know you shared their content and they’ll feel the need to reciprocate.

Follow these simple tips and you’ll get niche targeted traffic to your blog in no time. Also, try to think out side the box when promoting your content, but stay within the the rules.

Before you start promoting your content and social media accounts on the best Facebook groups around, remember to contribute and help out whenever you can! Don’t just join for the sake of promoting, you’re going to do harm to your blog and your reputation.

1. Internet Marketing Gym (promo: Tues. & Thurs.) Focus: blog traffic, email marketing and product creation.

2. Profit Copilot (promo: varies) Focus: paid traffic, sales copy and conversions.

3. Become a Social Media Manager (promo: varies) Focus: turning social media into a viable online income.

4. The Badass Solopreneur Society (promo: Wed.) Focus: being a one-man or one-woman entrepreneur.

5. Entrepreneurs Getting Sh*t Done  (promo: Sat.) Focus: entrepreneurs reaching goals.

6. Creative Ninja Nation  (promo: Tues. Fri. & Sat.) Focus: blog traffic and online income.

7. Adventures in Blogging (promo: Wed.) Focus: bloggers growing their audience.

8. Grow Your Blog (promo: varies) Focus: blog traffic and content engagement.

9. Smart Passive Income Community (promo: Fri.) Focus: creating a sustainable passive income online.

10. Blogs That Sell (promo: Fri. Sat. & Mon.) Focus: getting traffic to your blog and converting that traffic.

11. Screw the Nine to Five Community (promo: Thurs.) Focus: escaping your 9 to 5 by creating a sustainable passive income.

12. Freedom Hacker’s Mastermind (promo: varies) Focus: creating a sustainable passive income online.

13. NicheHacks.com Private Mastermind Group (promo: none) Focus: finding and profiting with niche blogs.

14. Blog + Biz BFFs (promo: Thurs) Focus: creating a passive income through your passion online.

15. For Love + Money with Caitlin Bacher (promo: none) Focus: creating a business around social media and Facebook groups.

16. Blogging Newbs (promo: Tues.) Focus: helps newbie bloggers learn the ins-&-outs of online marketing.

17. Freelance To Freedom Project Community (promo: Fri.) Focus: creating an online business to replace your day job.

18. Being Boss (promo: varies) Focus: becoming your own boss through your online business.

19. Blogging Boost (promo: Mon.) Focus: sharing content to help other bloggers grow.

20. Bloggers Mastermind (promo: Thurs) Focus: helping newbie bloggers with their online business.

21. Blogging With a Smile (promo: Sun, Mon, Tues, Fri And Sat) Focus: helping bloggers in all niches gather more followers and visitors.

There you have it, 21 of the best Facebook groups for internet marketing. Now that you have all of this information, how do you organize it into a solid traffic plan? Well, I got you covered there too.

Free Facebook Group Scheduler

Facebook Promotion Free Tool

This free Google chrome extension is a game changer. Not only will it organize your groups and get you niche targeted blog traffic, but it will also save you buckets of time.

Create Your Own Facebook Group

I admit I’ve neglected my Facebook group. I created it and I didn’t promote it very much. I see now the errors of my ways…

As a member and administrator of other people’s Facebook groups I can clearly see it’s a great way to get in touch with my audience. My email subscribers can benefit a lot from a Facebook group. It’s another way to provide value.

It’s super easy to create a group:

  • First, go to your Facebook then go to the ‘groups’ section.
  • After that, click on ‘create group’.
  • Follow the prompts, that’s it.

What to name your Facebook Group?

Don’t over think it. You can name it after your niche blog. Just make sure the name conveys what your group is about in four words or less.

Set Your Group’s Privacy

You should opt for a closed group, simply because your community might not want to mix their group interests with their personal lives.

Deliver Value To Your members

There are many ways to deliver value via a Facebook group. You can have:

  • weekly Facebook live webinars
  • contests
  • surveys
  • giveaways
  • exclusive tutorials

The type of value you deliver in your Facebook group really depends on the niche you’re in.

The Best Facebook Groups And Then Some…

You have everything you need to get targeted niche traffic from Facebook groups to your site. Using the free Facebook group promo scheduler, you can now easily and quickly promote your content to a variety of groups.

Remember to respect each group and abide by their rules. Always, take part in the conversation and provide real value. If you do these things, you’ll surely build a solid reputation in no time. You’ll be seen as an authority in your niche. First, the traffic will trickle in, then it’s going to hit your site in waves.

Important: don’t forget to claim your Free FB Group Scheduling Promo Tool and your Free Pinterest Keyword Finder right here…

If you have any questions about the free tool or any of the Facebook marketing tips and tricks, please leave them in the comment’s section below.



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