We are internet marketing pro’s owned and operated by one internet marketing mastermind and supported by numerous marketing professionals and technology partners to create a virtual agency ready to help your business understand and perform in the online marketing space.

So you get the marketing expertise you need while dealing with only one point of contact. This saves you time, money, and hassle and allows you to devote those resources to better serving your own customers or clients and developing your business.

Internet Marketing Pro is owned and operated by Stuart Wesselby, a sales and marketing veteran and someone who is passionate about marketing and small business.

Stuart brings a unique skill set in that he has a very wide background in marketing with expertise in strategy and research. He also has experience with numerous marketing tactics and functions such as internet education, copy writing, internet marketing, web analytics, website production and promotion.

He pairs this broad experience with a strong educational foundation,and has worked in the internet marketing world for over 10 years. He currently has an educational foundation teaching internet marketing skills online.

Google Adwords 92%
Planning Your Campaign 98%
WordPress Website Production 95%
Private Blog Networks 90%
Social Media Marketing 89%
Video Production & Marketing 92%
Google Adwords Campaign 87%
Search Engine Marketing & Optimisation 94%
Internet Training & Development 88%


We develop marketing and branding strategies for business. We help increase your sales, profits and online exposure.


Every business is unique and has individual objectives, goals, capabilities and of course budget. We help determine what is right for your business.


To offer premium marketing services and solutions and to find the low cost tactics to promote your business.

Business Owners Say Finding New Customers Top Concern
Small Business Investing in Internet Marketing
Businesses have a website
Of Customers Research Your Company Online Before Buying

What we can do

Our Services

Web & Mobile Website Design

We provide a low cost website and hosting solution for small to medium sized business. Using the wordpress platform we create professional design at low cost.

Google Page One

We have the experience to ensure that using our strategies we can launch your business onto google page 1 for your industry or niche.

Social Media Marketing

Your social media channels are an important cog in your marketing wheel. We can manage and create vibrant, informative and stand out social media channels for your business.

Video, SEO & SEM Solutions

Many businesses shy away from video and SEO. We can provide a low cost video channel for your business and fully audit your SEO requirements.


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Why not see what we can do for you in more detail. Download our free brochure and call to organise a FREE consultation to see how we can help your business.

Meet the Talents

Meet the Team

stuart wesselby

stuart wesselby

Co-Founder & Technical Director
Stuart Wesselby is an internet marketing professional with many years experience of developing online marketing solutions. He is the founder of Internet Marketing Education.
Melanie Thompson

Melanie Thompson

Creative Director
Melanie Thompson is a designer who works remotely from London,  She is a creative media graduate with many years commercial experience.
Kevin Hand

Kevin Hand

Visual Designer
Kevin Hand is a designer who works remotely from Milton Keynes. He is a web developer and programmer and takes a lead on SEO projects.
Lyndsey Knight

Lyndsey Knight

Social Media Consultant
Lyndsey Knight is a web designer and social media expert who works remotely from London. A graduate of LSC she has helped many clients with their online marketing needs.

What We Do

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